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Songshan Lake Library Introduction

About US

Songshan Lake Library (SLL) is financed by the Songshan Lake Government Administration Committee and is a branch library of Dongguan Library. It has four-floor space of 12,000 m2,  equips with parking lots, gardens and outdoor viewing platforms, and was officially opened to the public on 9th February 2007. Relying on more than 180,000 volumes of books and the shared electronic resources from Dongguan Library, Songshan Lake Library is committed to being the intelligence centre and culture centre in the zone.

SLL has all kinds of designated space areas such as Newspapers and Magazine Area, Reading Room, Children’s Reading Room, Exhibition Hall and other Service Areas. The library operates using whole open-shelves to integrate storage, lending, reading, consulting and retriving into one. Consistently, the brand events such as “Kids Story Telling Contest" and "Young Volunteer Librarian" will be held yearly. Moreover, various reading promotion activities are  organized in the library every week such as lectures, trainings, exhibitions, books sharing, Parents-Kids reading, etc. As a branch of Dongguan Library, Songshan Lake Library actively responds to Donggguan Library’s collaborative service such as “One Card for All”. Readers are eligible to use one same card to enjoy both book services and digital services from all Libraries in Dongguan. What’s more, the library goes on and on to build service stations in companies and communities to ensure and expand the basic services. 

Organizing Structure 

    Songshan Lake Library consists four departments:



General Office

General Business, Finance, Logistics, Property Management, and Outsourcing

Resource Department

Collecting, and Cataloguing Books, News Papers, Periodicals  and Allocating Resources of All Service Sites

Reader’s Service Department

Book Lending,  Reader's Consulting Service and Literatures Reservation

Reading Promotion Department

Reading Promotion Activity and New Media Reading Promotion

Sci-Tech Information Department

Reference Works, Database Retrival, Interlibrary loans, Document Delivery, Industrial Intelligience Service 

Reader’s Guideline

Rules of Conduct

Songshan Lake Library is an open cultural place for readers to learn, research and communicate.  It is everyone’s responsibility to keep it quiet and clean.

1.  Please abide by social morality and be a civilized reader;

2.  Please obey the rules and follow the instructions;

3.  Please neatly dress in the Library, no vest and no slippers;

4.  Please keep quiet and switch off your mobile phone or put it into silent mode;

5.  No smoking, eating, defacing and littering;

6.  Please handle all the materials and facilities with care, otherwise you will have to pay the items which lost or damaged according to the relevant rules and regulations;

7.  Readers are free to read in the Library with two items at a time.

8.  Only bring books out after borrowing;

9.  Children under 10 should be accompanied by adults;

10. In emergency, please follow the staff and evacuate orderly.

Library Card

1.  Application Requirements

Readers over 16 are required to show a valid ID such as ID card, driving license, passport and military ID. For those under 16, the guardian should provide their own ID card or the Children’s Household Register.

2.  Procedures

Hold the ID card, fill in a form, choose the card type, and pay the deposit

3.  Types


Lending Policies



maximum 10 books


The total price of the books borrowed at a time should be lower than 400 CNY


maximum 15 books


The total price of the books borrowed at a time should be lower than 600 CNY


maximum 20 books


The total price of the books borrowed at a time should be lower than 900 CNY

4.  Library Card Usage Rules

1)   One ID Card for one Library Card;

2)   Library Card Renew: Renewed should be done every year without any payment, or the card will become invalid;

3)   Changing Card Type: Fill the type-changing application form and pay the deposit difference, along with Library Card and valid ID certificate.

4)   Card Lost: the card holder shall promptly report to the Library by phone or visiting the Information Desk. The card holder is liable for the loss caused by delay in reporting.

5)   Card Reapplication, the holder may make a reapplication for card loss or card failure with valid ID certificate, clearing item loans and possible fines. The previous card shall be invalidated.

6)   Card Cancellation: all loans and charges should be cleared before cancellation but such refund can only be handled in the original library that issued the card. Please come to the Information Desk with your library card, valid ID and the receipt, and deposits will be refunded upon cancellation.

Opening Hours

Tuesday—Sunday 9:00-18:00 (Close on Monday)

Tel: 0769-2289-2289



Opening Hours

First floor

Exhibition Hall

Tuesday—Sunday 9:00-18:00

Public Inquiry Room

Newspaper & Periodical Reading Room

Children's Zone

Book Lending Room

Library Card Application Desk

Second floor

Common Reading Room

Tuesday—Sunday 9:00-18:00

Leisure Reading Room

Third floor

Reference Book Room

Tuesday—Sunday 9:00-18:00

Professional Book Room


Hongmian Road, Songshan Lake Indrustrial Park, Dongguan, Guangdong Province
Tel: 0769 2289 2289